Soil Conditioner

Nutrient Intake

Drought Tolerance

Dry Spots

Microbe Activity

Root Development

Seed Vigor

Increased Yields


Humic Acid Additive

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It’s like Steroids for your Plants


Natural Black Ore


• Increases nutrient uptake.

• Your turf (plant) will be a richer, healthier green.

• Smaller amounts of fertilizers will be needed.

• Increases drought tolerance.

• Prevent dry spots.

• Use lower amounts of water.

• Increase seed vigor.

• Higher seed germination.

• Increase beneficial soil microbe activity.

• Healthier soil means a healthier turf (plant).

• Chelates and enhances availability of nutrients.

• Buffers against high fertilizer salts and pH changes.

• Helps keep fertilizer from leaching through the soil making this an "Earth Friendly" product.

• Initiates vigorous root development.

• Improves yields and quality.


Benefits of using High Grade Humic